October 21st, 2008, 11:31 am


Alright, I must explain why I haven't updated the comic in over a month.
It comes in the form of a simple list, actually (how handy!)

It goes as such:

1) I just started school back up again... and being an animation major, I have to churn out an animation a week. Plus, none of my other professors seem to care about that fact either. Hence, I'm buried under a lot of projects due on various dates close to each other all the time.

2) I mentioned this before, but my computer got WIPED. It's taken quite some time to restore a lot of my programs and the past moth or so has gone towards cleaning all the crap the idiots installed on it afte rthey wiped it. DX

3) I've been ill since the end of June... mind you, I was still comicking then. Well during August I wasn't actually able to keep food down... not even water. So the comic that I DID post in October... you guys are lucky I was able to update, really. But lately I've been running around from doctor to doctor having tests run and, so far, no one's able to explain what I have or how to fix it. :\

4) (and this is the BIG reason)...I had SEVERE art block on the page coming up (I belive it's 11). I paneled it out, but when I had another look.... it wasn't right. I only recently came up with the flow for that and I'm STILL not 100% happy, but eh. what're gonna do.

So anyways, be prepared, I'm gonna try to get updating soon! If/when I have time, I'll scan the page I do have and get it up here ASAP. <3



Janianna, October 23rd, 2008, 8:29 am

I can totally understand life getting in the way so I'd never be mad or anything about a lack of updates. >A<

It sucks that you're sick though, so get well soon! :3

BTW love the comic.

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